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Hair loss problems? Call Dr. Batra...

Some hilarious excerpts from the Rediff chat with Dr.Mukesh Batra. The persons named Dr Mukesh Batra, Doctor Batra and Dr Mukesh Batra ANS below, are actually fake users who'r using the name of the real Dr. Mukesh Batra and writing this in the 'questions' section of the chat . Lol's !
teeef says, DR batra to kat leeye, ab bhai log aap log bhi kaam par jao and aaj ke baad aise 'bhairupiye' ke chakkaron mein mat pado, its better u people go to some good doctor. The whole concept of Dr Batra's is to make money.(full stop)
Dear Sir, My mother who is around 50 years old has black spots in her there any treatment for this?
Babuji says, frauddoc! can you show your "doc" cert? was it issued by Idi Amin?
Dr Mukesh Batra ANS says, I am GONE. BYE FOR NOW. See you in my clinic.
bachee says, baldness thru heridity is curable..?
Dr Mukesh Batra ANS says, Hey...I got to go to DUBAI now. Sorry I am leaving with my girlfriend. CIAO

pappu says,
abbbc says, sorry sir, had u looked into my case the result would have shown,, but not with ur inexperienced set of docs in bangalore.
pappu says, r u there doctor or gone
ashutosh says, Dear Dr Batra, pls reply to me after smoke.

Dr Mukesh Batra says, Hang on everybody....shall be right back.
abbbbbc says, ur tretament is all fraud dr batra, with all due respect to u, but that is a fact. You hire all fresh graduates who have not got any experience in homeopathy and what you do is all pure business and no treatment. i have ur patient with no improvements in my 'thinning of hair'
Chat says, I think the chat window should be closed by Rediff sysadmin
susant sabat says, Sir Good Evening I have problem of isnopholia. I am getting cold regular interval

Babuji says, doc, why have you gone bald?
Babuji says, hello fraud doc?
Dr Mukesh Batra says, Hello Tel me.
shanoo says, Dear Dr. Batra, My name is Gurshant and 32 y / M, My height is 5' 10" and I wiegh around 95 Kgs and following are the diffuculties that I am facing. I have a high BP since long time, due to the regular medication I have devloped this serious ACIDITY, due to this there is constant heaviness and burping and also pain in the chest and upper back. I cannot concentrate on my work. Also can u suggest any medication for High BP. I know I have a very sedentary lifestyle, please suggest!! says, dR. WILL YOU AVAILABLE TOMORROW ALSO. I STILL NOT GOT THE REPLY. ANITA email
vasudevannv says, REDIFF.. WHERE ARE DR ANSWERS???????????????
afzal_alam8 says, Dear doctor My fatahe(51) is Asthama patient, He is suffering with that since last 20 YRS. please advice what should i do
shanoo says, please answer the questions sir.. thank you
reddy99 says, sir iam also facing problem with dundruff. what is the solution
bala says, dear doctor, my mother is 52 years old, is suffering with pain at left hand thumb, at times she'll not be able to life an empty glass also. She also has swelling on left leg below the knee and it is numb at times, pl. suggest suitable medicine
Doctor Batra says, I AM HERE..
ashutosh says, i am 33 yr old male,and have acute allergy problem, i have got first major episode of allergy attack in 1998 when my eyes were swollen, itchy, red and eyelids were so swollen that my eyses were to total closed, it reduced on its on in 2~3 days time and then ok, since ten it has happened at least 20 times. my allergy starts sometimes with redness of eyes, sometimes with itchyness in throat, smtimes runny and clogged nose. pls adv


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October 06, 2008 4:22 PM

Hair loss is a problem that no one seems to want. Hair falling from the scalp is a universally common thing to happen; but the scalp losing out the hair permanently is something quite ungainly. No wonder then, there is a whole world of hair loss treatments out there, each with a diverse approach to resolve the problem.    

December 31, 2008 12:30 PM

hi am karthik from bangalore am taking treatment for my hair fall since one month but i dont see my hair fall reducing.I saw some sites were people have called Dr.Batras a fraud, liar, money maker, looters, no solution for hair fall, they see through internet and give medicines.Am scared where my hard earned money will go to drain water.i have paid 8,900inr cash.If this is true tat there is no solution, then tis will be passed to kannada rakshana vedike a powerfull association where they can do any thing.hope my hair fall will stop.    

February 18, 2009 2:30 PM

hi i am ravi taking treatment of dr batra.when i go to clinik then dr of the clinik say that this is treatment of three years means of 26700 rupees and three years are much time.the doctors say that you havi to take pacence.i could not understand any thing.they cold not give me satissfactory answers.the were not abele to tell me which type of problem i was with.    

November 14, 2009 8:41 AM

Hi am rajesh....Am going for treatment for Dr.Batra's for the past 4 months...rite from very first day i informed the doc , i have dandruff problems but still even today even after a hairwash i can see plenty of dandruff the very next day and i lost all friend please if u happen 2 c dis...don commit a mistake by joining Batra's    

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