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Holy Cow !...Comes close, watches and walks off!...Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

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Life detector test- January 2009

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Just checking to see if I am still alive in January 2009 :)

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Bangalore's very own magnificent potholes

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You have read about me cribbing about Bangalore traffic in the preceding posts. The state of roads in Bangalore does not make matters any easier. Some one has now come with an idea to photograph potholes in various areas in Bangalore ( You can even search on your area to have a good look at the potholes you wade your way through on a daily basis! Splendid!

But i doubt if this site can succeed in its aim of shaming the local government into improving the state of affairs. These guys have a hide thats tougher than a rhino and given that Bangalore has been categorized as an A1 status city now by the Central govt., resulting in a fat increase in the allowances of the officials responsible for the infrastructure, this hide is likely to get thicker still.

But the effort has to be lauded. My only suggestion is that the site could do with a option which will enable a reader to rate the best pothole in the city!

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Bakwas Bayleaf

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Bangalore is full of people and commercial establishments who think that their only calling in life is to plunder and pillage all those who work in the I.T sector. They have this quaint notion that we make money by the sack full and therefore are legitimate targets.

The people who run Bayleaf restaurant in Koramangala belong to such a breed. They have become inspired by this thought so much lately, that they decided to run a Goan food festival. Since, I am a Goan from my mothers’ side, I could naturally not resist and decided that this was an opportunity that was hard to miss.

1 fish curry, 1 fried fish, 1 steamed rice and 1 beer later – I realized that the only item worth eating is the steamed rice and the Kingfisher beer. If this is what passes for Goan fish curry, even the fish in the curry would have been disgusted. The fish fry did not have a trace of the famous Goan Reichado masala. But the management must be given full marks for being ambitious. Each item on the menu is priced above Rs.200/- taking the sum total of my misery to Rs.850 off, excluding the tip.

To their eternal misfortune the captain presented me a feedback form, which I duly used to massacre the food and the chef. To the captains’ credit, he sent over the chef to meet me and discuss the shortcomings, but that did not help my wallet regain its original size, of course.

Such is life!

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One of the charms of living in India is to discover that people from the most religious state in India-Tamil Nadu- have elected a chief minsiter who is a confirmed athiest and questions the very core of their beliefs about their religion day in and day out.

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Bang Bang Bangalore !

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I am in Bangalore now since the past 2-3 months and have had enough time in the city to start spouting opinions on it like a water fountain : )

To start with , Bangalore is not as hot as many Bangaloreans want people to believe. The traffic has gone out of control and that is the single biggest factor driving everyone in this city mad. Things might improve when all the road building projects end- but don't pin your hopes too much on this too happen over the next 2-3 years. Parking spaces are few and far between and parking tickets everywhere are exorbitant (Rs.20-30). Its unaffordable even for us IT guys whom local bangaloreans think of as spoilt rich. So I wonder how the locals cope with these nonsensical rates.

Eating out is very expensive. Rentals are exorbitant- even in the outskirts and this is the only city where petrol station attendants in almost all stations will try to rob car drivers silly by playing all kinds of tricks. On the latter, I can write a book. In fact these days i am beginning to enjoy the battle of wits with these tricksters. The Chennai auto wallah contagion of total lawlessness has finally caught on with the Bangalore auto wallah and they are now vying with their Chennai counterparts for the top spot in terms of fleecing passengers (Chennai autowallahs still lead the race, but only marginally.) Road rage has become a hazard due to the traffic problems and going by the way a couple of my neighbours have behaved recently, it seems that traffic is making bangaloreans more and more intemperate even at their homes. And then, Bangalore goes on a curfew at 11:00 pm with all eating places shutting down. For people like me who have to stay late at office often, its a big spoiler.

The only solace in Bangalore is the weather. Its almost always pleasant and on this count Bangalore beats any big city in India, hands down.

But man can't live on weather alone (old jungle saying)...what say?

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This Blog is not dead, Yet!

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Where is this blog disappeared? We will be back after a short commercial break...

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