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Is 'Big Boss' scripted?

Both me and my wife try to catch up on 'Big Boss' - a reality show telecast on Sony, whenever we can. One of the main attractions of the show, for me at least, is that it is 'cheap' (whatever that means). Since I also like Govinda and Shakti Kapoor, you can probably gauge, one of the genre's of entertainment that I dig.

My other pre-occupation while watching the serial, is to find evidence for the nagging suspicion that the show is in fact scripted and not a spontaneous one, as claimed by the producers.

Yesterday, I found one.

It so happens that at the start of the programme, SONY showed a teaser where they showed the sultry Kashmera Shah being smuggled in the house where all the participants are locked in and stealing the ginger which Ravi Kishen likes in his tea. Then the show started with a shot of the participants waking up from their sleep. What does everyone and most of all, Ravi Kishen talk of the exact same morning? Tea of course! He speaks of how he would like a steamy ginger waali chai or words to that effect. What a co-incidence!!!

And who do I think will remain in the house at the end? I think Carol will take the cake, for being the likeable, non-political person, she seems to be.


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January 25, 2007 9:54 AM

A genuine opinion about BIG BOSS SHOW

Concept: A show about C and D Grade celebraties

1 line for all

Arshad Warsi: The Best

Bobby Darling: accept what god made you, its all in mind.

Deepak Parashar: respected person why loose respect in such shows

Aryan Vaid: Nice personality

Anupama: Well respected person

salil Ankola: Genuine person

Deepak Tijori: Hard working person

Baba Sehgal: Hard working person

Ragini Shetty: Fake Smile, piece of trash

Carol Gracias: Girl will do anything to gain popularity: Walk topless on shows
on bigg boss 99% of the time the girl was half naked.
FOX face but pretends to be innocent. girl is 30yrs old, smokes, live with guys and does shows topless and make controversies that it slipped off

Rahul Roy: INSECURE GUY As commented by respected Directors such Mahesh Bhatt

Amit Sadh: Dogs are more civilized than him

Roopal Ganguly: cries for Ravi Kissen

Ravi Kissen: another lalu prasad

Kashmira Shah: A LOOSER in LIFE,
Girl lost everything, A husband Brad, Krishna, BF and friend Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant: Bold and Beautiful    

January 28, 2007 9:30 PM

ok..abv (or b-lo)wriiten-real bad ones!!!

i think CAROL is THE WOMAN.
she smokes-big deal.. go search ur surroundings..u'll find llots f them doin the same.
Topless-that wasnt done on purpose.
she acts innocent-even if she does,it suits her fine.
half naked-well i dont think so.
i guess u should switch to watchin DD. else, u ll keep complainin

abot the rest of the housemates, i dont care wat is said. bu-buyee    

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