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Microsoft and Mallya try their hand at 'entertaining' to curry favour...and fail

Microsoft heavy duty Windows Vista OS will debut soon and the company's dirty tricks dept. is fully geared up to meet the challenge. 'Wired' magazines blog has reported that Microsoft has presented selected bloggers with heavy duty Acer laptops loaded with Vista as 'gifts'. Apparently, Microsoft thought that the bloggers would 'take it, shut it and promote it'. But the lid is off and the shit is hitting the fan, across the web and blogosphere, with a few bloggers disclosing Microsoft's largesse. I am yet to read that they have returned the machines, though, after writing about it. Smart : )

Microsoft had also invited a few selected 'A' list loggers to meet Gates, a few weeks ago. Celebrated blogger and geek, Robert Scoble, posted an article on why these bloggers failed to ask Bill a single hard hitting question, during their meeting.

Scoble says- "Truth is that getting access to tech industry leaders is so rare that most people, if they do get access, turn into softies. Why?
Well, let’s assume I paid your round-trip airfare, hotel, bought you nice meals, and gave you some nice swag. Wouldn’t you be feeling just a little more generous toward me? But, now, let’s say I set it up so that every year I’d do the same thing but I’d put little hints out there that you wouldn’t get to come to next year’s shindig if you made any trouble.Or, even better, let’s say I just don’t invite any trouble makers at all."

Shame on you Bill. Looks like Warren Buffets company and friendship has not rubbed off any of his famous integrity on you, yet.

Closer home, U.B group chairman Vijay Mallya, was also in a 'extra-generous mood' recently, to the members of the Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC). I said 'extra-generous', because Mallya is well known for giving people rides in his private aircraft, hosting lavish parties, for the benefit of people whose 'co-operation' he needs, routinely.The King of Good times, was contesting for the post of the Chairman of this prestigious racing club and pulled all stops to ensure that the voting members had a jolly good time, what with wine (doesn't cost Mallya much, anyway), women and song (Sophia Choudhary 'sang', or at least tried to,while displaying her thoroughbred figure).

Alas! Members of the club had all the fun at Mallya's expense and then voted for Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla to be elected Chairman. Dr. Poonawalla had been smart enough to give presentations on his achievements and future plans, and not just host fancy parties with dumb belles jiggin' wit it.

How the mighty have fallen : )


Here's a list of 14 bloggers who have received the hardware and what they intend to do with the Microsoft Christmas gift.

Mauricio Freitas - Decides to keep it.

Scott Beale - Will probably give it away.

Ed Bott - Decides to keep it.

Mitch Denny - Gives it to her wife.

Darren Rowse - Will donate to charity after reviewing.

Barb Bowman - Decides to keep it.

Long Zheng - Will probably keep it.

Brandon LeBlanc - May offer it to blog readers or send it back to Microsoft.

Michael Arrington - May give to someone at CrunchGear.

Joey deVilla - Decides to keep it.

Marshall Kirkpatrick - Will probably return it to Microsoft.

Zen Heavengames - Decide to keep it.

Robert McLaws - Decides to keep it.


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