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BizNpersonalfinance : VC of Bricks and Mortar business blogs in India

Trawling through Blogsphere, I realize that there is somewhat of a deficiency of blogs which write on creating and running 'bricks and mortar' businesses and more so from India. There are some good blogs (Anurag Gupta, Basab Pradhan, Ashish ,Rajesh Jainand a few others) on 'digital' entreprenuership (software, internet etc), but hardly any quality ones for the old fashioned ones (ex: make toilet paper) . If anyone knows of these, pl comment.

A glaring omission, considering that the 'old fashioned' economy's size can beat the 'digital' ones with just a twitch of its finger.

The reasons are not far to seek. The digital entrepreneur is much more tuned to blogs since blogs are a digital communication medium. The 'offline and real world' entrepreneur on the other hand, is still writing in printed magazines, news papers etc. This is not so unwise, since real media is still far too powerful than digital media, both in India and the world. But surely these entrepreneurs can get a wider audience should they choose to blog, potentially from across the world? This should help not only themselves, but also a section of the populace they would never reach, in normal course.

Todays digital entreprenuer bloggers have very little to offer to the 'common man' who would like to set up a mess for students in Pune or one who wants to start exporting fruits to the gulf.Woudn't we all learn much more if (say) we get to read a Gopinaths (Deccan Airlines), or a Kuriens (Amul) blog than a digital entrepreneur who knows only about issues related to digital tech, operates in a niche business and which a vast majority of people can't empathise with?

Another less desirable aspect of most of the existing blogs on entrepreneurship in India is that they address issues which are not yet 'real world' for most 'real world' entreprenuers. A lot of ink is spilled on ways and means of getting VC funding and angel money and such like, for instance. This is doubtless appropriate for their line of business but hardly for the man on the street who wants to set up a small food stall in the neighborhood mall and wants to know about getting a bank loan or how to write a project report/business plan. VC's are way off the radar for 99% of India's entrepreneurs and so are they for the VC's! Yet the kind of press they get would make you believe that it is VC's and not banks who have funded all the entrepreneurship in India! This also makes you realize how even the mainstream media is devoting unseemly attention to insignificant but 'sexy' capital and ventures.

And when most business and entrepreneurship blogs in India are not connected to the 'real' world. naturally there would be little/no readership. Call that a VC (Vicious circle).

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December 07, 2006 11:46 PM

Great post. I am an entrepreneur in the IT space but I couldn't agree more with you on this.    

December 09, 2006 9:45 PM

Recently read an article that says that entrepreneurs in India outnumber those in the US if u count the vegetable vendors, roadside stall/vendors who after all are entrepreneurs too!! But in terms of medium/ big size entrepreneurs US is obviously way ahead.

A blog dedicated to the street entrepreneurs is a gr8 idea!! Wd love to see one on that.    

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