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CurrentAffairs : Wipro employee's wife drags Chairman Azim Premji to court

Wipro's Chairman Azim Premji has been hauled to court. It seems that the wife of a Wipro employee has a grievance, that her husband has left her, instigated by the dating allowance paid by the firm to its employees.

It seems that the woman and more importantly, her lawyer, assumes that a husband can date only outside marriage and not his own wife. That her husband chose to (or to be more precise- is alleged to have chosen to) date a woman (or women) other than his own wife, using dating allowance paid by his firm, is something that Premji, obviously, has no control over.

But then, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...both men just learned that the hard way : )

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November 26, 2006 11:14 AM

i wonder how ignorantly news items are posted in many blogs. First it is foolishness to say that premji has no control over an allowance.If that is the case, he should quit the job. These are not my words, the court would say. A CEO will have all authority to impress the board to remove any unethical things, though he stamped his seal on these things when introduced.
Secondly, though all men and many women love dating, sex, courting flirting, do it secretely. Dont create allowances and spoil our country. We all love dream dating, but never make it legal or encourage.
If dating is approved, abortion allowance and increased maternity leave should also be sanctioned which are the by products of dating, and this will be agreed by any court.    

November 26, 2006 9:56 PM

Some of you must have read in the press that Wipro chief Aziz Premji got sued in the latest spate of 498A cases

A female filed a 498A on her husband [who was employed by WIPRO] and named Wipro Chief in her complaint alleging WIPRO broke her family !!!

Premji has denied that any dating allowance is ever paid by Wipro

Now the story seems to be a bIT different when narrated by the husband !!

Was Wipro staffer beaten by wife?

I was beaten by my wife: Wipro man


An ICON figure, a start performer in the Indian software Industry and Indian who made India Proud around the globe, has been sullied by an irate wife !!

Is this where India is heading to ?

Is this the geneder equality we are all waiting for ?

498A is ONE OF THE MOST MISUSED sections of Law

Why are we NOT SCRAPPING THIS LAW TOTALLY from the Law books ?

What will the developed world think of us ?

Is this Democracy or is it YOUNG WIVES GONE CRAZY ??


March 13, 2009 5:14 PM

Wipro pays dating allowance??!!! Hahaha.. I dont think so! Never came across this allowance in any of my payslips or any wipro policy!    

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