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EditorsEdit : I have the POWERRR !

I discovered today that we are a very rich country. Its absolutely certain that thousands of farmers are not committing suicide and its all probably just a figment of some body's fertile imagination. All that data about we having hundreds of millions of poor and destitute without any medical, educational and basic sanitation needs is probably hogwash as well.

How do I know?

Because ISRO (The Indian space research organization) has just asked the Govt. for Rs.10000-15000 crores to send a mission to the moon. And lest you remark that this is bordering on lunacy, think again ! Pakistan and Malaysia it seems have recently sent a man in space and therefore India needs to redouble its efforts to keep its lead in space. And of course the Chinese will attempt to send their own man on the moon. God forbid, if they succeed, as these buggers seem to do with routine regularity, woudn't it be a slap on our collective faces?

And if ISRO is keen to build its own palace in space, can the Armed forces be far behind? They made news recently by beating the world (oh yes, EVEN those pesky Chinese) by importing the highest amount of arms in dollar terms (6 $ billion worth).

What? Are you crazy to ask why we need so many arms? Really ! How can you ask these questions? The Indian Army needs to maintain a 'strategic upperhand' vis a vis Pakistan and China. That we outgun and outman Pakistan by 10-1 does not matter. What if they bridge the gap to, heaven forbid, 9-1? That the Chinese have already outgunned and outmanned us and whatever we buy is of no consequence anyway, doesn't matter too. What if they increase that lead? As for the Air force, they need new toys since the MIG's are falling of the skies faster than mosquito's near a mosquito repellent. The Navy? Well they are bored with ramming our own ships and taking them underwater or leaking confidential papers to their chiefs nephew who is has run out of the country. So they have decided that they want to 'retain and deepen' their 'Blue Water' status (which basically means that they can store and burn more fuel in a ship, so that it can go for longer excursions).

So basically luxuries like good roads,basic medical and educational facilities, basic sanitation for our millions needs to wait. After all, would you miss these things so much if Pakistan or China were to attack us tomorrow? What is that you want anyway? Loss of freedom or poverty? What? You say in today's world, no country can get away with attacking each other in a brazen manner? Fine, but that doesn't mean we let off our guard, for heaven's sake. And MOST importantly, have you forgotten our LONG cherished dream of being a SUPERPOWER? Yes, 'I have the powerrrr', as He-Man used to shout periodically. We want to have the powerrrr too!

So my dear friends,you see what compelling arguments these people have? How can we be poor if we are so rich in arms and ammunition? After all, if you don't have bread you can always eat some bullets, bombs and boats.

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November 10, 2006 2:38 AM

It seems a good natured post. But I don't think it is too practical to argue against investment in defense, though I would have loved to see that investment in the homeland. But saying that we should invest, instead, in food and infrastructure wouldn't work, not at least with the arguments like Pakistan would never be able to match us or we would never be able to match China. I think we have more global powers to look to and be prepared for. That does not mean that I am against investment in infrastructure or basic necessities. We do, but it has to come from other quarters.    

November 10, 2006 7:59 AM

What is bread going to get us? Bullets will kill Pakistanis and terrorists. Get the picture, man. :P    

November 10, 2006 8:48 AM

Anup,I understand that we have cannot but spend money on defense. The question really is for a country with sub-saharan levels of poverty do we need to spend 3 billion dollars on sending a man to the moon and do we need to top the charts on arms imports? The question is how do we proritize our problems given the poverty we have.    

November 12, 2006 3:23 PM

Very nicely put. This is clearly a case of putting the cart before the horse. The govt should try to be a super power in the eyes of its own people and by that I mean provide good governance.    

November 13, 2006 6:15 PM

My take on it is this...if we are spending 6 billion dollars importing defence equipment; why are we still hearing that our offensive as well as defensive capabilities are much reduced than they were before? I am sure that if all the money that goes in to lining our defence establishment is reduced, the number would make more sense....

So it really is a case of inflation in a perverted manner me thinks    

November 13, 2006 7:01 PM

@pradeep: interesting....    

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