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CurrentAffairs : Lata Mangeshkar- old is gold but still old

What is the surest sign of a person turning old, mentally? When s/he starts criticizing everything about what's happening around him and wistfully pines for the "good old time" all the time. Nothing wrong in remembering what was great in the past, but if you find yourselves looking back instead of ahead, its a sure sign that life's coming to a dead end for you very soon.

Lata Mangeshkar seems to have reached that dead end since some years now. She started by criticizing remixes. Now no one will claim that this is the greatest phenomenon to have hit the Indian Music scene, but then one can also argue that creation of all art forms is an evolutionary process and to create something lasting, you also need to go through such grime and dirt, as a collective creative experience and process. After all 99 % of everything new gets trashed and something emerges from that which is truly lasting. If the western world had trashed hard rock, blues, jazz, metal, because it did not confirm to the puritan view of musical taste as it existed then, would we be richer or poorer for it? I suspect poorer. I bet when Lata Mangeshkar sprung on the scene, all the classical music ustads too must have uttered a collective 'tut tut'.

Then she criticized films which are being remade like 'Don', Sholay'. Now its not as if she had a patent on these, so one wonders why the objection? After all, these films might be just pale copies of the original (Don) or they might, for all you know, make the original look pale (Ram Gopal Verma ke Sholay?). But whatever happens, as long as copyright laws are respected, why should anyone object? The argument that today's directors are just not creative enough to create their own new classics is just not good enough. There are plenty of films which came after these epics which were ground breaking, but that doesn't mean no one can EVER go back to yesterday's classics and try and do his own version of an epic. If that's stretched too far,gosh, even the Ramayana would be off limits!

Some time back, Lata also tried to stop the Pedder Road Flyover, since her appt. overlooks Pedder road. She threatened to leave Mumbai if the construction went ahead. The Maharashtra Govt. had bent down to this threat earlier, but this time, they ignored India's nightingale's crooning. The public reaction to Lata's plea was so severe that even Lata and her family backed down and accused the media of 'misrepresenting' her stand!

One wishes the lady would just gracefully retire now instead of putting her foot in her mouth, repeatedly. After all, if she go a little deeper, she might end up damaging her precious vocal cords!

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November 01, 2006 7:40 PM

Senseless article. You can't even repay the debt that the entire nation has on Lataji. At 77, she sings for Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara, for Kareena in Bewafaa, how can you call her old? She sounds like a teen!!

Today's music/songs/lyrics is not at all commendable. Change will surely happen. English may take place of Urdu in langauge and songs. But the current situation is nothing but making money in the industry by fooling the useless people in the name of music/remix/hiphop songs. Listen this:

Lataji is amongst the seniormost person in Bollywood. She knows music more than anyone on this land today. She was a star then and is was still rated in first five musicmakers of this year by FilmFare.

Moreover, she was not the only person who opposed the flyover. She came into light because she was the top celebrity living there.

Lataji is living example for the people of today. We are proud to have such a gem in India and quite fortunate that we are her contemporaries.

You should review your article and write something positive. Even your subject of article does not match your heading "Current Affairs". You are inviting menace by writing such an absurd articles.

I recommend you to read her books, articles, listen to her songs, her philosophy of life and then dare to write.

I think you have grown old that such an idea struck in your mind.

Anup Manchalwar,

November 04, 2006 2:11 PM

I think the writer himself is contradicting. Anyone has right to make an opinion so why the writer is criticising Didi for her opinion. If you don't agree to her that is OK but no right to make such statements. It is sheer shame. Lataji still can give run for money to all the singers from Alka to Shreya or any one in Playback Singing. Do not forget most of the remixes hit have been originally sung by her. There is a difference in getting inspired and remaking or copying. If you do not understand please stop making scuh comments on the Nightangle of India the truly Bharat Ratna.    

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