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CurrentAffairs: Supriya Sule needs to be given Narco-Analysis test?

Amul's 1986-87 advt. when Pawar returned as Maharashtra C.M

So after years of dilly dallying and to-ing and fro-ing Supriya Sule (Sharad Pawar's daughter) has jumped into Politics. Cousin Ajit Pawar, we hear, is not amused. Only time will tell how this particular family drama will unfold, but a little bird tells us that Ajit may break away, a la Raj Thackeray, if he feels Supriya is getting away with all the cream.

And cream there is a plenty. Sharad Pawar once famously claimed (after being exasperated with accusations of unimaginable stash of wealth) that his family had always been well off and landed, and that if someone gave him a sum of Rs.400 crore, he would sell him all he had. But no one in Maharashtra quite believes that’s all of Mr.Pawar's net worth. Estimates range from the plausible to the wild, but people have always believed Mr.Pawar is worth at least a few thousand crores and many believe a bulk of it to be illegitimate.

So if Maharashtrians are shocked by the outing of the Telgi CD, its only because they are getting to hear Telgi taking Pawar's and Bhujbal's name on T.V. Not because people were shocked of Mr.Pawar's alleged graft.

It's unfortunate (for Supriya) that the revelations have hit her brightest moment. But many people thought she had not been very bright to claim that "she hadn't discussed her Rajya Sabha nomination with her father" or that she deserved the seat because of "her hard work". Even a kid woudn't believe Ms.Sule's entry is not because of her lineage. Maharashtrians also got to know the same day (when she had to file her income statement to stand for election) that Ms.Sule was worth a staggering 40 crore . Of course, if she is worth that much without pursuing any professional/business activity, the "hard work" she has done (of inheriting the wealth from her father/hubby) must indeed be very hard!

So we propose the matter of how Sule acquired this wealth be settled through another narco analysis test- this time Supriya's own. It would be another round of "hard work" for her, but me thinks it's worth it. What do you think?

BTW, if you are interested to know more about narco-analysis, polygraph and other forensic tests visit this excellent article printed in the Deccan Herald here.

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September 07, 2006 2:59 PM

Superb article, what writer has mentioned about pawar and his daughter is two hundred percent correct, they have collected huge property on the name of politics... but who cares, people are not taking it seriousely, that's why politics and power sharing is became family affair in Maharashtra    

September 07, 2006 6:54 PM

who cares and more importantly even if evryone knows this and media splashes all kinds of damaging news, does anything happen to politicos? No. They ALWAYS go scot free.

I think there is a breakdown of the judicial system in this country and no one fears the law any more, especially the powerful.    

June 09, 2009 2:45 AM

There is no denying the supremacy of Mr. Pawar's wealth which makes him one of the richest non-Forbes published Billionaires in India. He made his true money when he was CM of Maharashtra gobbling up prize land banks in Bombay in conjunction with D-Comapany, who took care of all land owners and slum dwellers who did not wish to sell. This alliance exists to this day but more discreetly ofcourse, since if it came to light he would be stripped of his Agricultural minister post and have to leave politics. If there ever was someone who has billions of dollars stashed away in Swiss bank accounts it would be the shrewd Mr. Pawar. You have to respect this man for having balls!!!    

July 31, 2009 3:01 PM

love him of hate him.......u cant ignore him.....Sharadchandra Govindrao Pawar'Saheb' that is......
Well I dont think that except Saheb himself no one else can give accurate info of his wealth/net worth....
Not even Supriya Sule neither his wife nor Ajitdada.......
But it is estimated that his net worth is in excess of 15,000 Crore Rupees..........
Quiet an achievement for a son of landless laborer with no political linage whatsoever (Sharad's mother was a small time PWP activist all-right but that is no way a linage).......
Plus Sharad is neither highly educated (SSC pass)(They say he went to college but studied different subjects there)nor was in business house.....
Against this back drop this welth is unimaginable.....
well many know how sharad earned this wealth....
ask Telgi,Dawood,Gawli & scores of poor farmers cheated by sharad of their lands......
to call sharad a money making machine would be understatement.....
sharad pawar is a disease that just gobbles money,land et al at mind boggling pace & even after 40 years the hunger is only bigger than before.......
unfortunately there is no cure to this disease in current system.....
if nyone can provide me accurate measure of sharad's wealth nd no of ppl he has sent to heavens i would b thankful    

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