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PopularCulture: Howard Stern:Wrong, but SO funny !

I was watching some of Howard Sterns clips on 'You Tube' (for the first time) and I have never laughed so much in my life before. The man's a certifiable maniac but what the hell- he gives you a wild laugh.

I have been meaning to view the show ever since I have heard of him (which was when he started to be fouled by the FCC, in the States, via fines of millions of dollars for content deemed not fit enough to be aired). But since his show is not aired in India (and knowing the Indian censors and the likes of Pratibha Nathani, will probably never be), it was only courtesy 'You Tube' that I could check out some of his all time famous stuff and his appearances on celebrity talk shows (David Letterman, John Stewart) etc. And? Well, as I said before- the man's a certifiable maniac - lol's !

Where to start? Sample this- in one clip, Stern has Jenna Jameson (porn star and porn business woman and a celebrity in her own right) riding a contraption called 'The Sybian' (which is mankind’s gift to womankind to enjoy- how shall I put this- moments of intimate pleasure, using motorized vibration). Once you are through that, you can view the same device being used by a granny who can barely walk (you read it right), and who warns you " not to get excited if I lift my skirt up", before riding the Sybian to ecstasy. As the person who put up these clips on You Tube has rightly said, its all "So wrong, but sooo funny".Now that you have gotten a taste of the kind of content Stern produces, you can learn more about the man and what drives him, through this feature that NBC did on him. If your guts can still take it, watch Sterns appearances with David Letterman and John Stewart- but only if.

On the other hand, chances are that you will be genuinely offended with this kind of humor. If you enjoy off the wall humor which is of the (extremely) risqué' variety- go ahead. Otherwise, don’t even think of tuning in.

After watching NBC's feature on Stern's private life, I am personally convinced, Stern does what he does for the money of it and he is not the same Stern in private life as the man behind the mike. The host interviewing him, asks many a times, "Who is the REAL Howard Stern"?

(Howard Stern's OUTRAGEOUS autobiogrpahy)

Stern himself has tried repeatedly to answer this question in several other interviews (and this one) saying that the man on the show IS the real Stern and claims that in his 'off the show' life "he feels like he is play acting" and only when he is behind the mike and starts doing the crazy things he does, does he feel genuinely himself. Well, if that's true, Stern is the most extreme case of Split Personality Disorder there is. Because in his personal life, he admits to being quite polite, a dutiful and loving son, father and husband. The same Stern who cracks jokes about "his mother having a thing for him" cause "she asked me a kiss on the lips and which mother asks for that?" or the Stern who goes on air and jokes about his wife's miscarriage, is also remarkably (by his own admission) family oriented.

I got the feeling that Stern's family goes along with this kind of crap, because they have accepted that Stern's antics will keep the money rolling. Stern's wife was asked whether she felt his show was appropriate for kids and she said she "...did not see anything wrong with it", while appearing unconvinced herself!

Stern on the other hand claims that he is "always angry" at something and somebody, and that’s what drives him to do the crazy stuff he pulls off.

I love Stern and his antics. I think he is just the kind of guy who adds color in this world and makes life the wonderful thing it is! And what's the answer to "Will the real Howard Stern please stand up?"? Who cares? As long as he continues to do his own thing, we would like to believe that the man behind the mike is indeed the 'REAL' Stern.

Roll it '#@#^%&" on!

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