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Subhash Chandra's India Cricket League - prepare your janampatri's : )

Subhash Chandra of Zee Television in India has just announced a parallel DOMESTIC cricket league. I was watching the press conference, on T.V., where he announced the formation of the new'India Cricket League' as it will be called.

If the press conference is anything to go by, things are going to be entertaining in the India Cricket League. Chandra's rambling speech began by reciting a couple of jokes on the performance of the Indian Cricket team, one of which was slightly risque' but none got any laughs from the audience. Chandra then went on to narrate how the players in his team would be "scientifically" trained. "Sports Medicine would be introduced for the first time in the country"....hmmm......first time? He even explained what sports medicine is to the hapless journos ,who had no option but to nod. More initiatives? Every detail about the player would be maintained in a database....his performance record, his medical, vipasana...psychologists, mentors....bhah bhahbhah, you get the idea.

All of which sounds great. Although Chandra made it clear that he won't challenge the BCCI's authority when it comes to who will represent the country abroad (as if he has a choice! The BCCI is the only body accredited with the ICC and right now, the ICC won't let Chandra knock on their HQ doors in Dubai much less discuss anything with him, right now) and even said that the BCCI is free to draw from his pool of players for international matches- its clear that he won't hesitate to slowly take over this privilege that the BCCI enjoys, if he can help it. This is sweet news to the average Indian fan, since the BCCI is a body that desperately needs to be challenged, so that the fatcats in the BCCI are kept on their toes. For much too long they have enjoyed a unchallenged sway over vast resources and influence with no accountability to the sport and performance.

Chandra;s own record at managing his company professionally though, is not very good. He is known to be a swashbuckling
entrepreneur who has gone as far as he could , but reluctant to climb the next ladder in terms of professionalizing the group and its management and has consequently never attracted the right talent to manage his companies. If its one of Chandra's umpteen relatives that is going to manage his India Cricket League- good luck! But then, given that domestic cricket in India is anyway at its lowest ever- how bad can it get?:)

The high point of this announcement for me, personally, was when a rookie CNBC TV 18 TV reporter reported with bated breath, after the conference,that Chandra even intended to keep files on even the Janampatri's of the players in his league, when Chandra had clearly meant this only metaphorically : ))

But who knows? I was laughing- but given the rate at which Chandra seems to feel "gadgets" and "technology" is the only answer to the woes of the Indian cricket team-had he heard the reporter, he might actually have approved one more innovation to this Gentleman's game.


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April 05, 2007 10:14 AM

Chandra needs to do exactly what he said he wouldn't do - challenge the BCCI's authority. He needs to develop a structure that shows the BCCI exactly how it should be done. Only then will the Lalit Modi's and Niranjan Shah's of this world be put in their place.

However, I have serious doubts as to whether Chandra is serious about developing Indian cricket, or whether it is just a convenience excuse in the current climate for making a sh*tload of money.    

April 06, 2007 6:20 PM

Great (business) move by Subhash Chandra. It is sure to be a money spinner    

April 06, 2007 11:43 PM

Whats with indian generations....always think that people are doing things for money but not good for things. If Bill Gates did not do for money world would not have been like this. All the inventions are made because they had drive for something and for some its money. There is no wrong for going after money. The best example is Bill gates. He doent hate money and in the end gave his significant money in charity....

Indians wake up. stop pulling down people when they want to do matter for what reasons he does ..he atleast doing it. and not sitting at home and bragging....    

April 24, 2007 6:17 PM

Hey... Liked your post, succintly put.
This was an interesting post about the business of cricket in India (nicely done)-    

April 24, 2007 6:26 PM

I wonder how popular the cricket blogging contest has been - -    

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