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SurvivingIndia : Official website of the Govt. of India

I don't know how many of you know about it yet, but the Indian Govt. has a web site of its own! Nothing extra-ordinary in this, except for the fact that, it is quite a useful little site, which is a bit uncharacteristic of our Mai Baap Sarkar.

The website is a significant part of our President Abdul Kalam's vision of E-Governance, which basically means using electronic technology to make governance easier and governance related information more accessible to our Aam Aadmi. The aim is to make governance not only efficient, but also more transparent.This is one in a series of measures that have come up lately, the most prominent being the Right to Information act , which seem to be putting back the power of information in the hands of the citizens and giving them the right to DEMAND their rights rather than beg, (or worse pay) for them.

The web site can be accessed @

One example of the way e-governance and technology is changing things for the better in India is the link on this site which allows an entrepreneur to register his business via the internet. This process was earlier notoriously bureaucratic and used to take weeks , if not months, with the entrepreneur being already considerably lighter in the pocket, before starting his business. The new procedure enables anyone to register their business via the internet and virtually within an hour or two!

In one more sure sign of change the whole business section is actual maintained by FICCI (Federation of Indian Industry) and , contentwise, quite useful. Gone are the days when the Businessman and the Govt. were perpetually at loggerheads. These days even Govt.websites are being maintained in collaboration! Way to go!

The information available on this site is too extensive to enumerate here, even in part, but suffice to say that it is all extremely informative and every Indian Netizen, should have a dekko, at least once. Happy surfing.

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November 12, 2006 2:39 PM

If India is to reduce bureaucratic corruption then governments must increasingly start delivering services via the net - and we must demand it too.    

November 12, 2006 2:48 PM

Its a good attempt though one has to see whether the bureaucrats will let it practically fructify becasue Chandrababu Naidu failed with all these things in Andhra Pradesh.

E-governance is a very welcome step on the lines of what ITC is doing for farmers.    

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