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RandomAbuse : 'Eisi Waisi' ICICI Bank...arrrrrgh

‘Esi Waisi’ ICICI Bank never faills to bring froth to my mouth once a week. Every time you call their call centre is a nightmare. After pressing all the right buttons, "all our operatives" are always busy” with other customer’s. After holding the line for 4 minutes or so, you find yourslef tossed from agent to agent like a packet of Marie biscuits. No complaint/transaction number is given citing "Std. procedures".So the next you call with the unresolved problem you feel like you have been gorged by the snake on #99 in Snakes & Ladders and sent back to #1 again.

This time, though its a new low point even for ‘Eisi Waisi’. One fine day they sent me a letter declaring that they had decided I was a valued customer who would be treated differently. I have been promised my own personal relationship tele-officer who "will call me soon". Two months down the line I am still waiting. Maybe this animal already quit ICICI's overstressed set up (The staff turnover is astounding, per anecdotal evidence from employees)?Anyway, the letter also promised that I will get preferential rates on brokerage charged on my equity trades. After ten calls, two visits to the branch and a few emails later, I am still being charged the same old rate. The call centre rep now wants me to scan the letter and send it to them. Why o Why? Aren't you aware of what schemes and communication your own company comes up with?

The trouble with this bank is that its service network just cannot handle queries which are out of standard algorithms which can be handled by a machine (balance enquiry etc). Have a query which requires a flesh, blood & brains?God help you.

Its time for Eisi Waisi bank not to feel too smug about their success and Kamat not to concentrate on giving media interviews alone. The same customers who patronize them now can ditch them, if they continue to deliver the shitty service in evidence throughout their network. They need to realize that their model of technology driven customer service has two serious downsides:

1. It can be replicated by competitors (like SBI did on the # of ATM's)

2.Customers DO have queries outside std algorithms and to get them sorted you need happy employees, not grumpy bastards who are looking for a chance to quit because they are so overworked.

As I write this K.V.Kamat is on the telly (again) promising to usher in a banking revolution in India's villages! If only someone can warn the poor peasants to run for cover...

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October 09, 2006 10:06 AM

So nice of you to name them. We have ten accounts with them and they have flattered to deceive badly- Cust-se-mar- Customer    

October 10, 2006 12:01 AM

I had such a hard time opening an NRE a/c with them, that I gave up. Funny thing is that, they were prompt (after a bit of coaxing) to return my inital deposit check. I wish they would prompt in getting rid of archaic policies and procedures and bring in more efficiency.    

January 17, 2007 7:27 PM

A good piece of writing with a funny tinge in it! :-) In respect of opening a bank account I should appreciate my bank . I had put in my interest to open account with them through filling my contact details on They promptly contacted me and I got my account activated after submitting documents within a fortnight! They had some offer running and I got a zero balance account too    

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