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EtcEtc : Shipping Barbie Call girls ?

The company I used to work with, till about a year ago, was bought over by the no.1 company in the same field. More about my experiences from that later, but for now, I reproduce an email correspondence, on which I was privileged enough to be copied.

Say what? All in a day's work ! : )

Subject: 'Cannotbesatisfied' Audit DUX7082

Dear ABC: Lately, I have only been spot checking the bills for our client 'Cannotbesatisfied'
because the data quality seems much improved. However, this afternoon, I checked the
above bill and found several items in the goods description as "Barbie Call
Girl" toys. Are you sure this is an accurate description that ouir company wants to
show on the bill?

In the US, a "Call Girl" is a prostitute. Considering this description is
referencing children's toys, I am a little concerned about how this may look
to Company 'Cannotbe satisfied'. I believe it should read "Cali Girl".

Please check on this and continue with your efforts in data quality. It has
greatly assisted my efforts on this account as the peak season begins heating

Hello XYZ,

You're right!

The shipper made the mistake, we have liaised with the shipper to clarify the real situation, the shipper confirmed that the correct commodity description is Cali girl, we've corrected the data. pls go ahead, thank you.

Thank you for your comments and always support.



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