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CurrentAffairs : Media, Scavengers and other animals...

The public sits in their little nests mouths open wide.
Waiting for the mama bird to feed us crippled lies.
Fuel your greed.
You control fear.
Fear controls us.
Media bastards.
Media demons.
Get out of my head.

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Imagine yourself living your life. Imagine then, that the next day you are on national T.V, being accused of molesting a child (or children). Imagine going through hell in front of the entire world, till some one realizes - Oops ! The accused is not the guy we were looking for, or even worse, the accused has been framed. Imagine then, that the whole media circus just walks out of the scene, without bothering to let the millions of jerks watching this sordid drama play out in your life, know that you were innocent.

How would you feel?

I don't know about you, but I would personally feel like molesting the media person/s responsible, who were irresponsible enough to hang the accused, before s/he was proven guilty.

That's precisely what the head priest (or 'Thantri' as he is referred to) of one of India's most well known shrines (Sabarimala Shrine located in the state of Kerala, India) , has had to undergo in the past few days. The priest was accused of visiting prostitutes. Photographs of him in compromising positions were seized. The priest and his family protested that he had been drugged and made to pose for the pictures by force. Nobody believed him. Unluckily for the priest, the shrine had been involved in another un-related controversy, involving a famous actress, which was already looming large in public imagination (thanks to the same T.V channels, of course, who had also blown THAT out of proportion). Naturally, this follow up story caught the entire cast right where the cameras were already positioned.

The priest and his family were caught in the full blast.

When the cameras and the crew had completely stripped the guy, they left in search of another hot story. By then, the police found out that the priest had indeed been drugged and forced to pose for the pictures. The prostitutes, their madam and the instigators were caught.

But the national media was no longer interested. It had moved on to other stories (like that of a prominent politician allegedly benefitting in the oil for food programme for Iraq). The same discussions, audience polls, headlines, T.V. time was never allocated to the man's redemption, as was done during his disgrace. It just wasn't sexy enough to pull the T.R.P's.

The priest has been literally left out in the cold. Perhaps some one should explain the priest and his family the logic behind T.R.P's. Would that lessen the pain?

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