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EditorsEdit :The Corrupt fancy an Incorrupt Society !

We Indians are used to wringing our hands in frustration everytime we talk about Politicians and their Politics. I share this frustration many a times, but once in a while, I do ponder, if we deserve what we get.

Consider the fact that Polity is a mere reflection of Society. The values, ideals and practices of a society merely get projected in its polity. If Indian Politicians are accused of being corrupt and valueless, are they then merely following THEIR leaders- the great Indian voter !

This is not being written just to turn an argument on its head for the heck of it. We should all acknowledge the fact that as a society we all have our role to play in terms of making what it is. Don't we demand dowry at our weddings even in this day and age ? Don't we burn our brides with practiced ease later? Don't we throw our rubbish on roads casually? Don't we break traffic rules and then carp about traffic situation in our cities?

If we want to change society, we must begin from our own lives. We must then try to mobilize all collective Indians who share our vision and then DEMAND change. This is not the same as merely getting frustrated and using the line ' This is India after all !' as a ruse to do nothing about the problem.

Why not begin from here then? From now on lets try to follow some simple things to make India a better country :

1) Don't litter public spaces
2) Don't break traffic rules (even when you don't see any vehicle in the lane which has got a 'Green' signal !)
3)Pay your taxes
4)Demand value for the taxes you pay by asking your representatives to be accountable.
5)Always think how your actions will impact your society and act accordingly.

Get INVOLVED! We deserve to lead a better life.

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July 12, 2006 8:04 PM

I'm not from India, but i was interested in your comments about Politics. You say
"Policy is a mere reflection of Society"
but i question it when a third of a cities citizens take to the streets to protest the actions of a government, but the government maintains it's policies... what is that called? I like your premise, but i think the world has become a place where absolute power is absolute… and I don’t know how to change this. I wish policy was a reflection on society, but it think the reality is that policy is a reflection of who has the loudest voice…    

July 12, 2006 8:53 PM

Thanks for your comments 'Seven'. Appreciate your viewpoint and hope you keep re-visiting these pages to keep the debate alive!    

July 13, 2006 12:44 AM

Nothing will change till root causes are addressed. According to me some of these are:

1. Strong population control measures (how about huge tax breaks for single child families. OR. More children you have more taxes you pay. Exponentially, that is.

2. Basic literacy/education for all

3. Military action against insurgents and separatists. Give those guys an ultimatum. If you are in India be a part of it. Else show them what you can do. Enough diplomacy.

4. Remove all kinds of quotas (SC/ST/NT and other bs). Make all laws universal regardless or religiion. Kick out any minority BS.

5. Massive payhikes for police/lawkeepers.

6. Create watchdog institutions (for police, govt. cells and offices etc.) reporting directly to PM.

I guess the list could keep growing. We'll need a belevolent dictator in power for 10 years before restoring dictatorship. I see no other way.    

July 13, 2006 11:31 AM

I am disturbed why people see dictatorship as a solution to everything. Are USA,UK,Europe,Japan under dictatorship? Ask the pain of a dictatorship to people in Nigeria,Pakistan,Myanmar,China...    

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