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I don't quite remember when the bug caught me, but I have become quite a foodie since some years now. My specialty is to find small hole in the wall joints which serve fabulous food for peanuts.

If you are the adventurous type, you can find such gems in almost all cities in India. Best to ask the locals where they eat and then just go and eat!

Being a Maharashtrian I have natural affinity to the cuisine of Maharashtra in general and western Maharashtra in particular, but really, its very difficult to classifiy cuisines in India, since the taste of food changes almost every 100-200 kms. For instance people commonly mistake Mahrashtrian coastal cuisine to be one and the same and often equate it to Malvani cuisine. In fact, coastal cuisine in Maharashtra can be broadly classified into Konkani, Malvani and Goan (we Maharashtrians tend to think of Goa as our own backyard something which Goans resent- but since I am half-goan myself, I consider it my birth right). All of these have distinct tastes and aromas and the most distinguishing feature is the amount of coconut used, which increases from Konkani to Malvani to Goan. But of course that's not the only difference...

My personal favorites in terms of restaurants include a high number of seafood places :

Mumbai : Anant Ashram,Gomantak (Dadar), Malvan Kinara (Dadar- opp the church...What's its name now?). A fairly comprehensive listing is also
available on

Pune: Alas, Malvani Gajalee used to generate enthusiasm in me but not any longer. For Kolhapuri, try Shambhavi (off Tilak Road) and Hotel Maratha Darbar and 'Aware Mess' (same area). For Vegetarians, 'Mathura' on J.M.Road serves some fingerlicking Maharashtrian fare.

Pardon me not having complete addresses but I have always had a generally weak sense of topography. If you really love your food, you will move high heaven to find these places.

Generally speaking, Pune has a poor range of restaurants and most (thought not all) Puneites have a poor sense for food. If you see the queues before Hotel Shivsagar (J.M.Road) and the way some Puneites praise it, you will know what I mean. But maybe I am being too harsh here.

Chennai has a fantastic place in Parrys Corner Area in the Y.M.C.A building which serves North Kerala Muslim Cuisine. Its heaven!

These days I am mulling over whether I should tour India (or at least Maharashtra) to research some more holes in the walls which are foodie heavens. I need to do this as soon as possible...for I fear we Indians are loosing our taste for good food and increasingly being 'Mcdonaldsdized'. The day might not be too far, when we might loose some of these national treasures...sob sob…

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July 31, 2006 12:39 PM

and bangalore...?:(    

August 13, 2006 5:31 PM

oops, cant see a date on the comment, so not sure, how late i am on this reply.

Bangalore- unfortunately I have not lived in bangalore long enough to comment. I have only visited Bangalore 2-3 times for a few days each. my longest stay there was when I stayed in the army selection camp, a bit off M.G road for almost a week! So most of my knowledge about Bangalore food is limited to M.G and Brigade road.

Koshy's, located in that area, is a gem, but you know that already.There used to be a India coffee hosue (run by the India coffee board or something). The place is one of the undiscovered gems as far as mutton pattices are concerned (if memory serves right). Although whatever they serve is equally good. And the Coffeee ...ummmm....!

Then there is an Andhra restaurant (Bheema?) near Brigade road. Fabulous Andhra food...but keep your toilet rolls ready, next morning.

A trifle thin on Bangalore, ain't I? Hopefully I will visit Bangalore more often and some day write up something more substantial!

Adieu and do visit again.    

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