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NDTV Profit v/s CNBC TV 18

I watch CNBC-TV18 almost everyday but almost never watch NDTV Profit. Why?

Maybe I have so gotten used to the
CNBC format because CNBC was around much earlier than Profit? But is this really true or are there deeper factors at work?

Lately, I have been reading Malcolm
Gladwell's 'BLINK' and have been thinking as to how our instincts play a role in us liking or disliking a particular channel or anchor. Is it possible, for instance, that the only reason why I like CNBC more is because its anchors seem to speak English in a more 'comfortable skin' than the NDTV profit anchors? So better format or better analysis (after all both channel share virtually the same 'expert commentators') is just an excuse for my other subconsciously held biases like comfort level of anchors with English that are playing a role?

Come to think of it, I positively dislike some of the
NDTV Profit anchors. Although they are as knowledgeable as others, I subconsciously brand them as 'tapori' (street loafers), becau of their rough tough looks. I hate one CNN-IBN (Sister channel of CNBC TV-18) financial analyst because of her accent ( I think she has a fake accent).

In fact , I have branded many
NDTV profit anchors in some way as 'fakes' (my pet hate)- since many of them are not as comfortable in their English diction and in finding the right words to say, in comparison with CNBC TV-18 anchors. So in order to mask this dis-comfort, they tend to overcompensate or mask their discomfort (hence the 'fake' tag). But of course, its very easy to catch this discomfort and this makes you uneasy as well. And you don't to squirm watching an anchor struggle with words, do you? You want to concentrate on the markets and the analysis and be comfortable. I think that's why I prefer CNBC TV18...all the anchors they have are 'easy' and 'comfortable' with anchoring and this makes me feel watching them 'comfortable' as well.

Isn't that exactly what
Prannoy Roy and Barkha Dutt make you feel, other than the fact that Roy also has 'Gravitas'- a very rare quality amongst anchors?

Wonder how
NDTV missed this trick when they recruited NDTV Profit anchors?


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March 07, 2007 4:53 PM

Good Point! In fact the only NDTV Profit anchors who are half decent are Shaili Chopra and Ashu Dutt - both poached from CNBC!    

March 07, 2007 6:44 PM

In fact media is all about branding your product. Prannoy Roy I suspect thinks unconsciously that if his NDTV Profit just delivers news(genuinely), then everything else would follow. Unfortunately, with NDTV news channel it does the reverse and does a lot of subtle brand building. So, Prannoy Roy is stuck in between his own ideals.

Also I feel, there is a "first-mover" advantage at work here.

Thirdly, anchors are like film stars. Even though a film is the vision of the director and so many people are involved in it, it is ultimately the lead actor or actress who is most talked and most in demand, Why? Simply bcoz they are the "direct-link" between the film-watcher and the film. Anyone who is directly talking to the consumer is always the one who "makes the most impression" about the product.

Similar logic goes for Anchors on TV. And besides, the team at NDTV is way behind TV18 on all aspects.

Raghav Bahl has an uncanny habit of choosing the best guys in any business and then giving them a "free hand" to do whatever they want in their specific channels.

Even though many more +ve points on CNBC and TV18 exist, I'll leave my analysis here due to shortage of time.    

June 28, 2007 12:45 AM

I just happened to read your views on the NDTV Profit anchors - I totally agree - In fact for quite a long time I had been wondering if I alone was finding their main anchors almost unbearable because of their obnoxious English , particularly using phrases like 'of course', 'perhaps','let me go to'- repeatedly . I have totally stopped watching NDTV Profit because of the anchors during market hours-I particularly find Namrata Brar and Nikhunj Dalmia intolerable.I must add that Shelley Chopra,Shiv Nath and Ashu Dutt are far better than the others .
It is indeed surprising that NDTV is so careless about the competency of its anchors and hasn't done anything about it.    

December 22, 2007 11:27 PM

this message is for namrata brar.
hey u re doing good job .whenever i see ur prog. u always looks fresh .and i want to tell u that u re my i wish u a better future

March 30, 2008 1:22 PM

Actually i differ. I agree that presenters of ndtv profit are not so good as udyan and mitali. but the content they have- is definitely better than cnbc. cnbc are always creating panic when markets r falling and greed when they r going up.
I think Nikunj Dalmiya is very good. He has emotions of market mood. Good amount of knowledge too. Many pseudo-false news on cnbc.
I term cnbc as Cartoon Network Business Channel    

February 16, 2010 2:34 PM


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