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Tavleen Singh wants her dog to poop freely in Mumbai

If you ever have had the opportunity to read Tavleen Singh's rantings in the Indian Express, you have probably read this. In a column titled 'City plights' in June 2006, Singh cries plaintively thus-

"It is the humble view of your humble columnist that the greatest failure of governance in India is that the average Indian lives in conditions so unsanitary they would be declared unfit for humans anywhere else in the world. As someone who has had the good fortune to travel far and wide may I say that nowhere have I seen towns and cities as disgracefully unplanned and as filthy as ours. In the villages the majority of our citizens live with open drains, rotting garbage, unclean water and without sanitation. In the cities things may be marginally better, but the reality also is that half the population of Mumbai lives in slums that are unspeakably squalid. And, things are not much better in other metropolitan cities."

The humble columnist then goes on to suggest a host of solutions. Don't bother to read them now though, since it emerges that Singh herself is part of the problem rather than the solution. This humble columnist who has prescriptive dawas for all of India's problems, has been caught red handed with her dog who was pooping on Marine Drive. What's more, when the BMC demanded a fine of Rs.500/- she refused.In fact when the 'Mumbai Mirror' asked her the reason, she admitted herself that she has been caught two three times earlier and that she had refused to pay the fine earlier too! Her reasoning is that in cities like New York or London, the Municipalities there have put in place systems which ensure that rules are followed like special bags and bins. Since there is no such provision, she reasons that her dog has got the license to continue dirtying Marine drive, since " its dirty anyway". And isn't it Tavleen's responsibility to carry her own scooper and bag along?She adds " if my dog does not do it, there are other stray dogs who are doing things all over Marine Drive. There are human being defecating all along the coastline". In other words, since this issue exists, Tavleen feels that she can legitimately add to the problem.

Municipal commissioner R.A.Rajiv who was also interviewed put it well when he said

"... just because there are stray dogs doesn't mean that pets should be allowed to do the same".

I have a solution. Expel Tavleen out of India. If she lives in New york, her Dog can poop wherever it wants. Tavleen will be happy to scoop it, since its in New york or London that she is scooping poop and that carries its own prestige, after all. Aur fine dena padega to New york mein diya na...sadi huyi Mumbai mein to nahi diya?


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January 13, 2007 4:39 PM

Confessions of Tavleens dog    

January 30, 2007 9:23 AM

For me it is no different whether her dog poo in public place or herself. It is for her to differentiate. I think both products are offensive to civil society.    

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