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BlogToon: Pune roads - Spot visit to Sonia Gandhi

Respected Member of Parliament (Yum.Pee) from Bilaspur, Gajodhar Singhji, was sent to Pune to give a spot report by Madam Sonia Gandhi. There is an uproar in Pune, over the fact that some aliens landed on Pune's potholed roads, mistaking it to be the moon and its craters. The Mayor threatened to resign, citing Pune Municipal Corporation Administration's bureaucratic (P.M.C) negligence in maintaining roads and promptly refused to carry out that threat 48 hours later, saying that the PMC had now repaired all roads and therefore, there was no reason left to resign!

Obviously the aliens did not agree to this when they made their fatal landing and died while negotiating one particularly tricky pothole.

Soniaji dispatched respected Yum.Pee Gajodhar Singhji from Bilaspur, for a spot visit, who frankly doesn't understand why everyone is making a big deal. After all in Bilaspur, there are NO roads- at least Pune has some!

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November 01, 2006 8:05 PM

For bad roads in Pune, blame on the corrupted ministers, government officials, and the Punekars.

The MP, MLA, Mayor are quite interested in making another airport in Chakan, they are damn interested in inviting big software companies, celebrities, they are quick in organizing Film Festivals and further the Commonwealth games...but who will make the roads, who will renovate the railway station, who will prevent further mess that happens in rainy season??? The Punekars should blame themselves for this casual approach of ministers. The solution is not always - "Someone should do something for this". Punekars should feel shame of paying taxes and getting loads of compensation from state and central government and still facing such bad days.

Defence, education, software, manufacturing industries, mother nature, and the historical importance is something that Pune has, otherwise, I rate the city amongst the worst to live in Maharashtra.

A Rs. 370 crore package was given to repair roads. But none repaired. The Mayor should not threat to step down, rather she should never contest any election further. (Is it Rajni Tribhuvan, the current mayor, who also purchased a new Octavia the week she won election. ** please rectify if I am wrong). Where is the people's money of development.

People in Pune have good cars, bikes but pity they have no good roads to drive.

On his visit, Shatrugham Sinha commented - Yaha to gaddhon mein road dhoondne pad rahe hai.

Anup Manchalwar,

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